Hello guys, Jeremiah Helms here. Just wanted to update yall on a great new moving guide I found online today. It provides some really awesome tips. Hope you enjoy it!

Prepacking tips

Assemble your tools and stuff. Grab a handy permanent marker for labeling, along with extra-duty packing tape, a screwdriver for disassembling furniture, and, of course, bubble wrap, everyone’s favorite!

Think twice before you tape up that box. You want to finish packing quickly, but a little planning goes a long way. Do pack similar items together, and always (yes, always) label well. You’ll love yourself for it later.

Don’t lose your precious screws. You’ll need to disassemble furniture before moving it, so where do all those important metal things go? Tape screws, bolts and washers to the bottom of the furniture they belong with.

Get a dolly for loading your moving truck. As moving tips go, this one is golden. So, rent your dolly when you rent your truck. (Extra tip: Extra Space Storage customers receive a discount with Budget Truck.)

Packing tips

Organize the moving truck. Load your moving truck properly the first time. Place your biggest, heaviest belongings into corners and against the back wall.

Leave no space unused. When loading your moving truck, maximize the available space by storing boxes above and below tables. Place delicate, flat items between mattresses.

Lock the truck before driving away. Don’t forget to secure both the door and the ramp of the moving truck. And don’t drive off with a coffee cup on the hood.

Do something with those leftovers. So, not everything is making the move to your new place, but it’s good stuff to hang onto. Decide if you need a storage unit for that good stuff. You even have the choice of climate control for sensitive belongings.

Unpacking tips

Know where it all goes. When it’s time to unload, you’ll feel like you’re playing 20 Questions, so make sure you have the answers. Movers or friends helping you unload will need to know where to stack boxes and place furniture. So, don’t forget to plan your new living space before moving day.

Disperse those well-labeled boxes. First, make sure the path to and from the moving truck is clear. Then, get to it! Those boxes you labeled so well, now it’s time for them to shine. Make sure they’re placed immediately into the appropriate room.

Start organizing rooms with the biggest items. This is also a good time to inspect for damage, which you won’t have because you loaded everything so perfectly. And don’t worry yourself over interior decorating just yet. Instead, focus on getting the sheets on the bed and the TP on those spindle things.

Be good to yourself. What kind of moving guide would this be if it didn’t tell you to have a great meal on moving day? You deserve it, and you need it.

Now that you’ve soaked up all this moving advice, step forward with confidence, and have a great move!

Article taken from http://blog.extraspace.com/2015/02/04/moving-advice-get-moved-well-neighbors-jealous/

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