The power of exercise. I say power because it truly is. I found out that exercising not only helps me look better (I was able to start dropping weight again) but it also makes me feel amazing. Since I started working out a couple of weeks ago, I feel super healthy!

So, I started thinking to myself: “why haven’t I been doing this longer?” The reason being, it’s not that hard! Sure, the first few days were rough but I was able to push through it, and that is it. The hardest thing is motivation – being able to motivate yourself to do it and to continue doing it. Some of the ways I’ve been able to motivate myself into doing it is through music. When I put my headphones on, it’s on like Donkey Kong! Haha, I go full force on the weights.

I also stay motivated through a realization I am achieving my goal – losing weight. In the process I am getting more healthier and gaining muscle too! It’s awesome.

To anyone interested in starting an exercise program, I suggest you start out light and work your way through harder exercises. This is the plan I am on and it seems to be working fine! Just stay positive and keep working at your goal!

Thanks guys!

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